Beauteous 2 from BYUS Global on Vimeo.

Concept, Casting & Creative Direction: Anouk Jans

Photography & Video Direction: Anna Daki

Film, Edit & Music: Yannick Müller

Styling: Camille Franke

H&M: Victoria Reuter

Set Design: Marina Melentieva

Production: Hatje Services


Putting a spotlight on the people who are redefining our definition of beauty

a BYUS project supported by Calvin Klein

With Beauteous Volume 2 in cooperation with Calvin Klein we went further on our journey discovering and celebrating the people who are redefining our definition of the word beautiful with their looks and their distinctive features. We put them into the spotlight for who they are, for what they make us see and for what they move inside us. We celebrate them because we strongly believe that we are still too far away from a point of total acceptance of beauty in every shape and every color and if in any way possible we want you to see how beautiful, even magical, humans can be if they discard old ideals of beauty and create their own.