Director: Anuk Rohde

DOP: Pat Aldinger

Music: Bendik Giske

Production: Anouk Jans and Yannick Müller

Chloe Waldorf

through the eyes of

Anuk Rohde a

a BYUS production

Chloe Waldorf is a Drag Queen from Berlin who director Anuk Rohde discovered through Instagram. Behind the unforgettable persona dressed in Mugler, Gucci and Moschino there is a strong personality called Martin who fascinates us with his vision of the perfect woman: Chloe Waldorf. Becoming Chloe Waldorf takes over 4 hours and watching the creative process feels like witnessing the emergence of a piece of art. Nothing is left to coincidence. The goal is the perfect creation, the perfect image at the end of the makeover, not a double life. Chloe Waldorf is fearless, charming and in the most magical way intimidating and forces us to think about sexuality, gender, and the essence of a woman in new ways.