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UNFAMOUS Episode 4

Lera Abova is an actress and model from a Siberian village that is „so small they don’t have it on the map“. After years of being the muse of photographer David Sims and shooting with every important photographer and magazine in the industry she got discovered on Instagram by director Luc Besson, who then casted her for his new movie „Anna“ next to Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy. Her face is therefore not unknown to the industry, but behind the famous model lies an undiscovered personality – a side of her that Lera rarely shares with others. BYUS spend two days with her in Berlin to find out what story made Lera Abova who she is today. Just like Lera said: „Unfamous is not that you don’t know me, it’s about you should know me better!“.

Director: Yannick Müller
Talent: Lera Abova
Creative Director: Yannick Müller & Anouk Jans
Music by Yannick Müller

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