Concept & Creative Direction: Anouk Jans

Film & Music: Yannick Müller 

Photography: Anna Daki

A story about

the urge for freedom

a BYUS production

Looking back to our childhood and reflecting on the challenges of 2020 we realized how chained we feel in our lives. Based on this feeling of restriction, we wanted to create an editorial that embodies our emotional rebellion and brings us back to the sensations we experienced as children: entering nature without fear, conquering the world without doubt and experiencing life without numbness. The news, Social Media, politics, climate change, Corona and the injustices happening in the world made our hearts heavy, our minds overloaded and our souls feel lost way too many times. To set something against this feeling of powerlessness we, as friends who dream big together, documented our getaway to inspire others to feel more and let go of what holds them back. Our message to ourselves and everybody who wants to listen: break free, don’t wait, live, love and never, ever kill your child within.